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Thank you for your interest in TJ Samuel Learning. We offer the following services


We offer tutoring for students of all grade levels in a variety of subjects and disciplines

Writing & Editing

We offer Academic Writing, Business Writing,and Professional Writing and Editing Services.

Homeschool Assistance

We offer a virtual internship program that allows college students to get experience in content writing,, and online marketing.

Virtual Internship

Learn the basics of online and in-person marketing and get provided with the tools for success.

Online Learning Program

We are in the process of creating a virtual learning program to improve phonetic awareness for older students (Grade 3 and above)

Academic Coaching

Need a coach to work on setting academic and achieving academic goals and career plans?


TJ Samuel Learning was founded in 2017 by Timisha Johnson. Timisha began with just Tutoring, but soon noticed that learning encompasses more than just tutoring, and that students exist beyond the K-12 academic programs. 

For this reason, Timisha created internship programs and writing services to assist adult learners and meet the needs of more people. Coming soon will be an academic coaching program that will also extend beyond just tutoring, to helping students plan for their academic and professional futures. 


Watch this to learn more about TJ Samuel Learning and why you should sign up for tutoring for yourself or your child.

About Timisha

Timisha  is originally from Jersey City, NJ. Growing up in the inner city, education was always her outlet. She loved to read, act, and play keyboard. She vowed that she would get good grades and that would be her ticket to better living

Timisha graduated top of her class in 2017 with a bachelor degree in psychology and a 3.9 overall GPA. Timisha followed that up by getting credentialed in Early Childhood Education. Timisha then completed a Master degree in Social Work with an overall GPA of 3.9. 

Timisha also works with kids with mental, behavioral, and learning challenges. Therefore, Timisha is well-equipped to work with a variety of students.

Timisha only hires the best of the best to work with her students, so you can be sure that you and your student(s) will get top-notch services.

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Due to Covid-19, we are still mainly virtual. If you are in the local area of Fayetteville, NC, we can try to work with you to meet in person. However, we cannot guarantee that you will receive an in person session.