1. Homeschool subjectS


  • Math

  • Reading / ELA 

  • Writing 

  • Homework Help 

  • Spanish 

  • Study Skills 

  • Test Prep

High School

  • Math / Algebra

  • Reading  

  • Writing 

  • Study Skills 

  • Test Prep

2. Pricing

Weekly tutoring requires a contract. The contract does not force you to commit to tutoring for a specific time frame but outlines the expectations for both parties and the cancellation policy. One-Time tutoring requires no contract but you must sign up 3 DAYS PRIOR to desired session time.


Per hour

Paid Weekly

Weekly Session(s)

Practice Assignments 

Tests / Quizzes / Evaluations 

EOG Prep


Per hour

Paid Monthly
(Save 10%)

Weekly Session(s)

Practice Assignments 

Tests / Quizzes / Evaluations 

EOG Prep

3. Schedule A Phone Conference

Technology is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you want a moment to talk with a human, you can schedule a phone conference below.

4. Frequently asked questions

TJST enforces the following payment schedule for clients. It is depended upon your
FIRST session of the week (Monday – Saturday)

Payments are due on Fridays for your upcoming week of sessions if paying weekly

Payments are due on the 2nd of the Month for your upcoming sessions if paying monthly

Failure to make a timely payment will jeopardize client’s session(s) for the next week. Consistent late payments may put client’s services at risk of termination.

Because I understand the need to build trust, you are allowed to pay for the first session
at the beginning of the session. The future sessions will need to be paid in advance.

Payments are due at the BEGINNING of your session.

After booking, you will be redirected to a confirmation page with a payment link. You can pay immediately.

The session will not begin until the payment is made

You may pay through PayPal. Cash will not be accepted.

Invoices are sent the day before your payment is due. You will have until your payment date at 11:59pm to pay.

If you do not have a PayPal account, that is fine. You do not need to have a PayPal account to receive a PayPal invoice. 

The invoice can be paid with any credit or debit card. The invoice sender does not receive your credit card information, nor do you receive theirs. This is a safe way to protect both client and TJ Samuel Learning Center

You are welcome to pay in advance of sessions. Simply request to have the invoice sent

to you for the amount you are paying in advance. If you decide to pay in advance, you will also receive a text confirmation saying that your payment has been received, the date that you are paid up to, and when your next payment is due.

The policy for cancellations and schedule changes would still be in affect for paying in advance.

Schedule changes (changing your session day and/or time) AND session cancellations must
take place 72 hours (3 days) before the original scheduled session in order to be given a
session credit (i.e. another session at no additional charge to client). 

No refunds will be given for any reason. All payments are final

Excessive cancellations can result in termination of services. Cancelling three
consecutive weeks or five consecutive sessions (whichever comes first) will put client
and student at risk of losing services. The decision to terminate services will be left up to
the discretion of TJST staff. In the event of termination of services, Client will receive all
sessions currently paid for before termination takes effect.

In the event that a tutor of TJ Samuel Learning Center needs to cancel a session that was already paid for, due to unforeseen circumstances, Client will receive a session credit and instructions on what the student should study during that time.

Tutoring will take place in public locations that are agreed upon by Client and TJ Samuel Learning Center.

For Math, if the scores are failing, we will begin by going over skills that should have
been mastered in the previous grade via a practice test. Once we hit the place where the
difficulty lies, we will begin with that skill and work forward. Based on the teachers’
recommendation, and ability based on mastered skills, we will also work on what is going
on in the class and work backwards. The skills will eventually meet in the middle.
If the scores are passing, we will begin with a practice test for the skills that should have
been learned in this grade and complete the same process.

For reading, I will begin with the middle level of where the student should be based on
grade level and work up or down based the on the individual needs of that student.
For college level, sessions are tailored to the individual needs of the students

5. Testimonials

Timisha from TJ Samuel Tutoring is awesome. My son enjoys his sessions. She makes them fun and exciting for him. She gives the parents a summary of the session, in written form, which I love because I can go back and reference it later.​
Timisha tutored my 5th grader during the summer. She was awesome. Always kind, energetic and competent. My son isn't easily comfortable with new people, but he tooked to her very well. Definitely would refer her services to anyone needing help with advancing their kid educational growth.
As a senior in college I found myself drowning trying to understand all of my writing assignments from three different professors. TJ tutoring was a lifesaver. Explaining the writing process of research/analysis and structuring my paper. She showed me how to dig deeper and establish more depth in my papers one which was 15 pages. I would definitely use this service again. Thanks to this service I received a 91% and 98% on the essays she guided me through .
Timisha tutored me in English during my freshman year at Fairleigh Dickinson University. I am an engineering student- I love math and I've always despised writing, BUT thanks to Timisha I learned how write using techniques that she suggested. I received a B+ and my professor said that I was the most improved student in her class. She's great!