Internship Program

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Internship Program


Content Creator

  • Writing
  • Content Creation 
  • Blogging 
  • Journalism 
  • Education
  • How to create valuable content within a narrow and specific niche,
  • How to implement SEO to create high ranking content
  • How to start and run a successful blog
  • How to comply with federal advertising policies
  • How to grow website SEO for advertisement and purposes
  • How to avoid plagiarism and copyright and trademark infringement
  • How to find high-quality stock images
  • Developing topics in the education niche based on your interest and current events
  • Researching SEO related items in order to write a high ranking article
  • Writing high SEO-Ranking articles
  • Actively communicating with social media manager and Graphing Design for content marketing purposes

Administrative Assistant

  • Administrative Work 
  • Clerical Work 
  • Office Work
  • Data management techniques 
  • How to use an internal client relations management (CRM) system 
  • How to prepare a document for filling or signing through electronic means 
  • How to electronically file and store data 
  • Maintaining data on all active clients 
  • Preparing documents for electronic signatures
  • Electronically filing contracts, data, and other important paperwork using in company’s cloud
  • Using company’s virtual phone and email to contact clients for surveys and to communicate updates
  • Emailing clients to keep them up to date with company relations
  • Maintaining a Bi-Weekly newsletter

Social Media Manager

  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Marketing 
  • Online Advertising 
  • Social Media Management
  • How to create and maintain a valuable social media presence 
  • How to create professional and valuable social media content
  • How to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest for marketing and advertising purposes.
  • How to use SEO to become more visible on social media
  • How to manage time effectively while still  maintaining an active social media presence
  • Strategically posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest for the company 
  • Using aforementioned social sites to advertise services, provide tips & engage in professional humor
  • Actively communicating with content creator and website designer about any updates that may call for a social media announcement 


  • Education
  • Teaching 
  • Tutoring 
  • Different teaching strategies for math & ELA
  • How to effectively scaffold based on the students needs 
  • How to determine where a student needs help academically 
  • How to effectively communicate with parents about students progress 
  • How to keep student progress notes 
  • How to work with other educators and stakeholders to develop and implement a plan of action for failing students 
  • How to advocate to school officials on students and parents behalf
  • How to develop and use interpersonal communication and customer service skills.
  • You will work with students on Math, Reading, ELA & Writing. Developing and maintaining company website(s)
  • Updating important company information on websites 
  • Actively communicating with social media manager about any website updates 



You will receive proper training and education on how to work in the aforementioned positions as an intern,but also as a future employee and business owner.


Beyond basic education, you will receive real-world experience and possibly create a portfolio to show future employers or businesses that you may contract with in the future.


You will not be left to figure things out on your own. You will receive ongoing supervision at least once every two weeks to discuss progress and any concerns you have. Your supervisor will also be in constant communication with you between supervision times.


If you decide that you like what you are doing, the owner will mentor you on the path of creating your own business and becoming an entrepreneur. You will receive help with the process of business registration, trademarking, website developing, advertising and more.

School Hours

Most students seek an internship because they are required to do so for school. Your supervisor will sign off on your school documents and verify any hours you worked. We will also attend meetings or school check-ins, if required


We do not believe in micromanagement or treating our team as if they are incompetent or their work is inadequate. We believe in training you correctly from the beginning and providing adequate supervision and guidance. 

Apart from that, you will usually have the freedom to complete the tasks as you wish as long as they meet the standards and deadlines that have been set for you.

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