Tutoring Session Confirmation

Tutoring Session Confirmation

Thank you for scheduling your tutoring session. Here are your next steps!

1. Pay your for your session

Please note that if your session is not paid for at the time of your session, your session will not begin until it is paid for.

TJ Samuel Learning Center
Client Name (Must match name on sign up):
2. Come prepared

Please make sure that your bring all necessary materials to make the most of your session. This includes 

  1. Any textbooks or instructional material for the class or assignment 
  2. A notebook or binder with paper 
  3. Writing Utensils 
  4. A “ready to learn” mindset
3. Be mindful of cancellation and refund policy

Please note that no refunds will be given for any reason. Weekly clients should take note of cancellation policy in contract. One-Time clients will have 24 hours prior to their originally scheduled session to reschedule a session at no additional fee. If you need to make changes to your schedule please call or text 910 336 2293